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It’s time to start sharing ideas and getting together again.

My Workshops are held in Southport at Studio72, SRGB Photo Groups Meeting Room. SOUTHPORT  Bring your own lunch but all refreshments are included. 

Individual Workshops are also available. Laptop option, so you can work on your own images during the Workshop. Flexible dates to fit round your diary.




DIARY 2022/23 

  • Workshops are Available on the last Thursday and Sunday of the Month 
  • 10.30 – 3.30 including break and lunch (bring your own Lunch)
  • Group Workshop (No Laptops)  
  • 1:1 Workshop (Option to bring your own Laptop)
  • Still Life Box included in the workshops


Booking is easy, just Contact me the date required and I’ll let you know the Availability & Payment Options

All consideration over Covid and refunds & rebooking is available.  

Workshop 22

Part of the Workshop is Playing with Boxes

What's Covered?

There’s so many ways to add a little extra to your images. Create your own style by choosing to be more creative in your work. Basic Notes included in the workshop. 

What will we look at during our workshop?

  • Setting Up Photoshop to your needs. 
  • Creating your own textures & how to  apply them.
  • Making an ‘room” environment  
  • Adding emotion to the image
  • Composition and Structure
  • Making brushes. & applying to your work
  • Create your own brush logo
  • A Free Still Life Box & how to use it.

Basic Notes are Supplied on all sections of the workshop. Add your own notes to them. 

I’m happy to give feedback on any images created after the workshop using the techniques.


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  1. I attended Dianne’s May 2022 workshop, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Dianne talked through her workflow in detail, with worked examples in Photoshop. She was happy to clarify points and repeat explanations if asked. I’d previously struggled with textures, but Dianne’s explanation clarified how to work with these in Photoshop. I’ve noticed a huge improvement in my own creative pictures since I started to use the techniques from the workshop.
    In the afternoon, we were each given a “box” to work with, which was great fun. These were ours to keep, so we could continue to experiment with still life scenes at home.
    Overall, I had a great day, and learned several techniques that I will continue to apply to my own creative photography.

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