Cathedral Cards


Left on my table Halloween. I wanted to use the bits and bobs from other makes before moving on.  

1. Folder kraft card in half - stencils distress background.
2. Windows - Stamped with Architecture Stamp
3.Looking for a stained glass but more gothic - used backdrops & wallpaper sheets.
4. Stuck them down towards the top of the card.
5. Trimmed to the window shape.
6. Added the ghosts, pumpkins etc left from previous makes.
7. Shaded the space under them slightly.
8. Created the text and added background from scraps.
9. Finishing Touches spider & webs stamp and numbers.


Die – Cathedral Window – 664974 


Stamps & Stencils THMM127 – Pumpkins


Stamps – Halloween Doodles CMS 437


Architecture CMS369


Snarky Cats Halloween CMS 407


Layering Stencils


Mica Sprays & Distressed Inks


Halloween Snippets