After watching Tim Holtz, Halloween Live – Idea-ology. I spotted the Baseboards & Transparencies 2023.  What a great place to start. The whole thing became a major project and became so much more than I expected. The start idea was simply a spooky house. Theres more to come with the paper dolls. 


Chosen baseboards & Background from the backdrops.

Once the positions was decided I marked the locations on the back of the sheet . Cut out the whole shape not the individual windows.

Checked they fitted. Made them all sizes as its a haunted house.

To distress the windows I used alcohol ink on a sheet of cell, tipped it up to create drips. Cut to size and the cut out bits with scissors before sticking on.

I used a box as the main structure (Lesson learned) Glued Windows & Door to the backdrop & strengthened it with heavy card.

Dyed some cheesecloth for the curtains and added Forrest Moss ink to Grit Paste for the grunge. Added Black Soot to darken for second application.


Created brickwork for the sides and top of the house with a layering stencil and paint, finishing with Black Soot ink to define the bricks..

The inside Distressed with Black Soot ink before glueing down. the distressed the objets and made frame for the portrait.

Make a deep gap between to the inside and outside. I used draft excluder at the top and bottom only as it gave it depth.


The Ghosts are Paper Dolls figures painted with Picket Fence. .Remove from paint to dry.

The slider is twice the length of the house and the ghosts are positioned to fit the windows at various combinations.The slider is created from a strip of plastic. Tiny lights are added to the back of the strip. This is very fiddly and took some time to get it the right height etc.

I hope all the ideas here gave you some inspiration. After all it's fun to play.


  • Backdrop for the windows & interior, banner + bats –                 Baseboards – Halloween 2023 
  • Distressed Ink, paint, crayons, grit paste, alcohol inks 
  • Idea – ology halloween skull & bones.
  • Idea – ology  Paper Dolls, Tiny Lights 



  • Dried flowers & grass, cell for the windows, 
  • Cheesecloth, little charms,  
  • spooky white stuff from the cheap shop.
  • messy cloth with inked colours
  • other bits