Photo Timeline

It's always been prints

After creating an archive during Covid, the question was now what can I do with it I'm hoping to put together a brief timeline of my photo's. Showing how my style changes and when the images were created. That's the theory, let's see what happens.

Everyone takes them

At one point we processed our family snap in the Darkroom, set up in the kitchen after the kids had gone to bed. Hopefully I can find some. 

I started to produce darkroom images experimenting with adding what we call textures today. Putting glass over the paper and adding water, oil and old favourite Vaseline to  create the different image. I’ll look in the loft to see if I can find any, hopefully they’ll have stickers on the back with dates etc.  

Darkroom Creativity was limiting and time consuming. Starting with a very early Photoshop 3 – I realised how much more I could do creatively by simply playing and finding out what each button did. The Club reaction was interesting and we formed a Digital Group which some frowned on, early days indeed. 

Gallery to follow…

Starting to enter club photography was a big step. I had encouragement from a friend to join a camera club. The first meetings, I sat and watched what happens, how it works, who was who.  My first club entry in Beginners Section was nerve racking but I was relived to get a highly commended with a Lake District Landing Stage. Tray Processed and mounted on a very odd colours mount board. 

hopefully images to follow. 

The next step in my photography was really meting peopled find out what club photography was. Keith Sudderby took me under his wing at the Southport PS. 

Exploring the possibilities of an image. 

Moving up with the big boys.

I wanted to share my work but this probably with hindsight not the way to go at the time. I have three Exhibitions  around the time of my Fellowship.

  • Local Spa – Exhibition Space.
  • Salmsbury Hall Bridge Gallery  
  • Astley Hall Gallery. 

Images to follow…

One night at Southport Photographic Society, I was chatting with a couple of friends visiting the club. There suggestion was story start doing talk as mu work was different and people would like to see more of it. 

I have now been lecturing for sometime but Covid has changed everything. Print talks a difficult and my wrk is made to print not project, so no Zoom or Workshops. 

Club photo’s on my Talks Info Page. 

What will happen next? 

Entering National & Internation Exhibitions.

Moving to Chorley PS some distance away but worth the move at the time as it was a more social club going extra events etc. 

I became Syllabus Sec for several years, its a great job as you get to choose the interesting speakers and ones that will inspire the club in all subjects. 

I represented the club in many external Competitions with in the federation and nationally. Achieving many Club awards and Personal Awards. 

Entering BPE’s and Internationals FIAP 

The SRGB Group was formed to be a print based group with time to talk. We have speakers and members talk about their own work.There’s  limited number of spaces as we meet at Studio72. There are no internal competitions but critique nights. These nights are about discussing our thoughts about the image and asking questions too. Where, Why and How.  Our first live meeting was in the garden on a warm summers day. It was nice to see everyone.

The SRGB Group kept us motivated to create but I must admit I’ve made less images during these months as there was little inspiration to do so. The Group, is print based but kept in touch through Zoom. I also created Print boxes which we passed round adding two prints and commenting on the ones in the box. Passed on to the next person, this allowed us some doorstep contact and time to chat to. There was na excitement about seeing prints and holding them too.  There are some of the images created for the group and random images created because of emotions and the same four walls during Covid. New work 2021

All Right Reserved Dianne Owen FRPS 2021