The Secret Life of a Talk

Only Two Hours?

When Does a Talk Booking Start?

Talking the images and processing them, this takes time and can be days to years. Then the next step is printing and mounting the prints, most talks have eighty to ninety prints.

To Book I’m contact by a call, an email or a Facebook message. To help me book the date I Need helpful information.  A talk request is, a selection of dates, Club Name, Postcode then this helps me fit everyone in. Next, you need to clarify the details. distance, date, travel, meals, sleep. (if a distance)

The dates in the diary. Nothing to do for a while unless it’s a short notice date. 

Two weeks before I require a Reminder, with all the details. It’s best to ask for all the details again adding start time, finish time and parking, Print Easel etc. Carrying boxes is no joke when they’re full of prints. One club moved venue and didn’t mention it :O(  

I need an emergency contact number, as you might have travel problems. Hopefully, is switched on. You may smile but once I was stuck in traffic because of an accident and I couldn’t reach the club as their mobile was switched off as it was club night :O)

Getting Ready for the Talk

Things to consider, when was the last time I visited the club? Where is located, as I like a bit of local interest added if I can. 

I open the boxes from the last talk, speak them out in sets by theme, and divide up the sets of work. Work out the order for that club taking into consideration of various factors. 

The Print Boxes are ready and a bag of bits and pieces for the talk. I have the Club Info, Post Code and put the contact number in my phone. Check any meal venues and sleeping arrangements ( if required)  postcodes etc.  Booking of Accommodation is done at this point, if I’m doing it. if not the club sorted that out.

The Night is Here


Firstly, Pack the car. Work out approx timings and set off early incase of travel problems. Put the postcode into the SatNav. Off we go.Travel can be stressful. As you don’t want to be late, it’s a horrible feeling, letting people down. 


Arrive at the venue, often very early.  then We can park near the door. I was once at a venue and asked about parking as the designated spot was taken. The answer was ‘oh, Ive just parked there, there’s more parking down the road” That wasn’t a good start was it? 

Some clubs help you carry boxes. Others just chat to you while you carry the boxes. A brew is always welcome on a cold night. Time to set up the talk, check out I can reach the light box comfortably, Tables for my print boxes and any display stands available or use chairs. 


Meet the Chair Person and be introduced, keep it simple. I pass prints print so check out the direction and rules of touching the prints.  The talk starts and I encourage discussion as we go.

Some clubs are great but others not so much.  The night goes easier when there’s chatting between the club and speaker as it creates a bond that makes it easier. 


A nice cup of tea often brought to you otherwise you have to queue. So often you just don’t get a drink as people chat and ask questions they didn’t want to a ask during the open discussion. 


I address any questions that are asked during the break while passing prints round, continue the talk. I always put the more creative prints in the second half.

Time to pack up, this often takes time as  people like to chat at he end which I always welcome.  One club dismantled the light box on top of my prints and damaged them, they didn’t seem to understand why I wasn’t very happy. 

After the Talk

The Journey home, is often easier as there’s less traffic.The motorways junctions are often closed that creates delays and diversions. All part of the fun and time to reflect on the nights talk. Arrive home after midnight with a nice brew.