The Beach Box

The Beach Box is perfect to bring back those memories of sand between your toes,  shells  you popped into your pocket as you walked along the beach and dipped your toes in the sea.   The Box has four complete layouts, backgrounds, items and instructions to bring back those memories.  To allow you to explore the Beach Box there’s is also a box of Goodies to add or swop with the layouts. 

The Beach Box

Box 1

Focus – Textures 


A Selection from…

  • Shells – various sizes
  • Seaweed
  • Driftwood
  • String & Tags (Hand Crafted)
  • Beads  
  • Paper Windmill
  • My Hand Made Papers
  • Co-ordinated Ppapers 
Instructions included are 4 Layouts,Basic  Textures Sheet, how to take textures and Hints and Tips. The Focus is Textures and Layouts.

How to Order?

Start your Creative Adventure today. 

Direct via the Contact Form  


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The Design Materials  are Samples only of what could be included. 

Instructions and pictorial designs are in the box.


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