The Fairground


Pleasureland, Southport

One, of those places that I've known all my life. I used to spend many hours at the fairground on the rides and meeting up with friends. I have so many good memories of weekend meet ups and the sparkle of the light at night.

The Location has moved from one over to another now owned by Norman Wallis. His singular vision has regenerated Pleasureland into what it once was and so much more. The site has a variety of new rides and the old favourites, it's alway clean and tidy and well staffed.

We've wandered round and photographer many aspects of this fairground. These's something for everyone from Scary Rides,Dodgems and the Children Carousel.

There are also many special events to attend and don't forget to put them in your diary.

Th images are created more recently. They're where created for the Critique Group at SRGB. I only actually use one. I applied some brighter textures and mixed images to create fun feeling images and adding of bit of emotion too.

I'm happy to admit that when I created them I wasn't sure but that's what the groups about. Trying new things and sharing the ideas and thoughts.



Available in print, mini print & cards.

The fairground has always been part of my life. It's gone through many stages but always been there. Fin Laughter and many memories.

Roller Coaster
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