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Painted Backgrounds

Painted Backgrounds

Use Your Delivery Boxes

You can use any kind of paint, emission or children's ready mix, it doesn't matter. Just have fun.

Flatten some boxes, Amazon, cereal or any type of box that you have lying round. Cut to size and shape for your images.

Now, have fun and paint he boxes any pattern or shapes, it all depends on what you're thinking putting on them. Neutral Colours are often the best but it's up to you.

Cut your card into rectangles and squares.Use limited colours and paint your backgrounds. 

Let them dry overnight to be sure. There are so many things you can use to put on these backgrounds, for simplicity I used some tulips. 

The ‘magic’ has been done in photoshop with the addition of textures and blending modes.

There are a total of 20 layers, including tweaks for printing. 

Finally to print. My personal choice is Hahnemühle Digital Range – Bamboo. A soft gentle paper with a slight texture just finishes off the image perfectly. Printed on an Epson P600

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