The Journey

The Journey Experience wasn’t an easy one to put together but I think it has some original ideas. It will bring back memories of holidays trips and shared memories that you can add to the layouts or simply replace the objects with your own. 

 I’ve tried to add a variety of ideas to try and play with incorporating a wide range of travel themed ideas.  The Creative Experiences also give you time to loose yourself in the adventure and explore your creative side. 

Boxes - link Image -Link Travel Boxes - Travel Image
Boxes - Travel Image
Boxes - Travel Image
Boxes - Travel Image
Boxes - Travel Image

The Journey Experience

A Selection from…

  • Handmade Driftwood Boat 
  • Paper Plane
  • Compass
  • Postcards 
  • Tickets 
  • Maps
  • String and Ribbon
  • Plane Confetti

The Journey Experience has four Layout suggestions. Each one slightly different to allow for individuality. 

The colour tones are co-ordinated to let you explore the possibilities of the Still Life Experience

The Experience Sheets are

  1. Welcome
  2. Layout Instructions
  3. Applying Textures 
  4. Using my Hand made papers.
  5. Hints & Tips
Focus – Using My Handmade Paper

The Opportunity for feedback on your creative process. 

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