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The Mystery Experience  has four complete layouts from four themes , backgrounds, items and instructions to explore and enjoy Still Life.  

To allow you to explore the Box the opportunity to mix and match with other boxes. 

Boxes - Image link mystery Box

The Mystery Box

A Selection from…

  • 4 Layouts 
  • Items from Boxes
  • Bow & Ribbon
  • String & Tags (Hand Crafted)
  • Backgrounds
  • My Hand made papers

This Experience has four Layout suggestions. Each one slightly different to allow for individuality. 

The colour tones are co-ordinated to let you explore the possibilities of the Still Life Experience

The Experience Sheets are

  1. Welcome
  2. Layout Instructions
  3. Applying Textures 
  4. Still Life at Home
  5. Hints & Tips

The Opportunity for feedback on your creative process. 

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