Hearts, Locks & Keys

Who doesn’t love hearts? They are such a simple shape but can do so much, in so many ways. The Heart Experience as a variety of heart shapes. Your Box has a  selection of hearts made from  different materials including,  wood, leather, cloth, handmade and embossed papers. They’re not just pink, plenty of variety and thought has gone into it. 

This box give you four new layouts and l little extras, beads, buttons and  Bows. Confetti is added for the first time (Heart shaped ) and instructions on how to use over & over again. This adds finishing touch.

Boxes - Heart Image
Boxes - link Image Link Hearts Boxes - Heart Image
Boxes - Heart Image

The Hearts, Lock & Keys

The Heart Experience

A Selection from…

  • A Selection of Hearts in various materials 
  • Woven Hoop
  • Artificial Flowers
  • Ornamental Lock & Keys
  • Heart Confetti 
  • Heart Bunting 
  • Beads and Threads.

The Heart Experience

Instructions Includes 

  1.  Welcome
  2. Four layouts
  3. Applying Textures
  4. Finishing Touches 
  5. Hints & Tips
Feedback available. 

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