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A Creative Adventure

We all need inspiration, the everyday or that something special that sparks the imagination. The Still Life Box, guides you to create Flay Lay Images at Home.The BOX has everything you need to be inspired. The Boxes allow you to explore the world with the objects that are included in the boxes. They build a Collection of resources that are available whenever you need them. A rainy day, self isolating, competition entry , first step in still life or great gift for friends.  Why not loose yourself in the creative mindfulness of The Boxes.  Each Box has Focus, Textures, creative Cloning, using Confetti to make your images original to you.

FOCUS - Textures

FOCUS - Creative Cloning

FOCUS - Using Confetti

FOCUS - Homemade Paper

FOCUS - Envelopes

Four Layouts on Four Themes


Rikki O’Neill Artist/Photographer FRPS MPAGB FIPF Hon SPF

A must for all intentional creative artists and photographers is Dianne’s selections of Still Life Box.
Almost impossible to go wrong, all the elements are there as well as guides on how to piece them together.
All that is needed is your own slant, your own creative mind.
What could go wrong.
A fabulous gathering of bits and pieces from the talented Dianne whose own images transcend into a different world.
A great mentor who has provided us, through these delightful boxes, the opportunity to “step out of the box”
Excellent value and worth every penny.


How to Order?


Start your Creative Adventure today  or Direct via the Contact Form 

The boxes are £27.00 each including P&P

or Book a Workshop and get one Free. 


Make Themed Still Life Images from the boxes and build a collection of resources that all mix and match. They allow you to explore the world of still life photography and learn photoshop skills. 

The Box has four redesigned Layouts, perfect for an exhibition entry, add another box and you have eight layouts. 

Framed Art

Each Box has four predesigned layouts that can create four pieces of art that can be framed by making permanent art. There are extra goodies to create your own layouts too. Frame included. 

Have you always wanted a Gallery Wall?  This is a great way to create your own themed wall of your own creations from the boxes.

A Still Life Box

The Still Life Box was created because people always ask me “how do you do that?” The boxes give you the change to find out. Each monthly Theme give you a new opportunity to try something different. All boxes work together to create an amazing still life experience and items in the boxes are co-ordinated. Each Box is created individually for you. Each box has a selection of Papers, including my own handmade papers, embossed papers and patterns.  The boxes were originally designed for people who are still self isolating or have Covid. but are a resource for a rainy day or exhibition entry. They also make a great gift for friends.


Box Reviews

Share your thoughts on the Still Life Boxes with a Review in the Comment Box, Thank you 


Sue Taylor

I Purchased the Beach Box and I’m very happy with the contents. Instructions to help with making up your still life is very informative.
Lots of different styles of still life with the contents of this box
Dianne is very helpful if your not sure of anything.
Quick delivery.Highly recommend



Margaret – Scotland Images

Good quality and great starting point to still life set ups, also feeds the imagination.



  1. Absolutely brilliant idea! If you want to get to know “still life” and make great images it’s the way to go! My
    Beach Box – I Spent a couple of pleasant hours putting the included “bits” together in different ways and photographed each with my phone. (Now must have about 30 different ideas on my phone to play with! ) Using Snapseed filter on phone then added different effects. On my iMac it’s even better to add textures and effects. (I used Topaz Studio filters)
    Once you start off using a “Box” it’s easy then to set off and substitute your own objects and bits. Incredibly clever idea to start off a whole lot of creativity . No one can say now they can’t do creative still life images!

  2. This is real innovation. These boxes, I now have two – Beach and Spring, are such an inspiration, I have got out of bed early just to go and play with a layout. The possibilities are endless. I have even added bits of my own now. Just sitting there and designing a layout is so therapeutic you just let your mind freewheel and play. Such fun. Plus it does not stop there. Load the image into your photo editor (I use Photoshop) and play with textures and blending modes etc you will soon find your self with an amazing image. I have even had one of my daughters ask me to make a greeting card out of one of them. The instructions that came with each box are clear and concise, but must stop now as I want to go and order the Hearts Box I have just seen 🙂

  3. I bought a Beach Box and have really enjoyed working my way through the tutorials. The instructions are easy to follow and the variety of items supplied is extensive. The still lives which you can produce are only limited by your own imagination and creative abilities.When I have been out and about I find myself looking for items which I can add to the setups.
    I wish they had been around in 2020 during lockdown as it would have been a great way to pass the long days at home.
    Once I feel I have exhausted the possibilities of my current box I will definitely be buying another one. Looking forward to the Garage Box. Great value for money.

  4. My Heart Box is amazing. It was like Christmas Day opening all the little packages and seeing what they contained. There is so much inside these boxes, everything you need to start being creative with still life including sheets with ideas to get you started. A lot of creative thought has been put into what to include in the boxes, just brilliant.

  5. I received my heart box and was amazed at the amount of material it was beautifully presented and would make such a great gift for any photographer or Artist.
    It was so well thought out with great instructions, so inspiring and easy to use. There are so many beautiful items included, the hand made papers are a great addition and make each box unique.
    I’m sure I will spend many hours creating images using my box.Once you’ve followed the instructions on the sheets and created those images, it is so easy to mix the contents and create even more.
    Dianne has obviously put a great deal of thought into each box. I will definitely be buying another one.

  6. These boxes are of extremely high quality. They contain hand-crafted paper, lots of beautiful trinkets and simple instructions. Although three suggested designs are included, there are enough different items in the box that you can create many more designs yourself. I had the hearts box, which entertained me for hours!
    Highly recommended for anyone who wants to create beautiful still life images.

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