Other Peoples Art

A Judges Phrase

Judges influence many people and in club photography and they can never do right from doing wrong. Judges are people who are invited into a club to rate and critique images submitted to a competition. 

We all have a phrase that is common among judges that we disagree with. This is mine. “its other peoples art”.  There is inspiration and photographic opportunity in taking sculpture. There is a section in some peoples Annual Competitions called Record that encourages people to take images of buildings, art, anything that can be a true image of the subject and not easy to do. I believe the phrase is ‘so it can be reconstructed from the shot”.  Other peoples art is ok in the category and happily accepted by everyone.

BUT … if the sculptures  are put in a creative setting in some form. This is often classed as “other peoples art’ and not in a good way. Scores always plummet if this phase is used by a judge. 

Let’s just think… 

A sculpture is someones art but what else comes under the same phrase? 

  1. Art with people in an Art Gallery 
  2. Graffiti with or without people.
  3. Streets with posters in shop windows.
  4. Advertising and Logos 
  5. Buildings
  6. Furnature
  7. Clothes 
  8. Transport
  9. Objects
  10. Creatures and nature. Dependant on your regions beliefs.

Other peoples art covers just about everything, doesn’t it?