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Dragon Swirl

Prints & Cards

A Bit of Digital Fun

Magical Trees


A Set from Lockdown

Misty Liverpool


Traditional Mono Set

Spirals Of Time


Image Update

Art Purple Tulip


Image Story Update

Garden Great Tit

Two Sizes

A set of three to choose form

Woodland Starling

Available in Etsy Shop

Two Sizes now available

Love Balloons

Now Mini Mounted Prints

New set of works on Etsy.


Flying High

in Two Sizes

More balloons on Etsy


Highgate Hotel


From my set of 5 Houses on Etsy

Hare Portrait

Available in Etsy Shop

One of my Favourite Images.

National Gallery

Post Instagram.

More from Trafalgar Square

Blue Dog

New Post on Facebook

A fantasy Wood with a Blue Dog wanting the day away.


Now Mini Mounted Prints

Cards are 150x150mm and come time A classic white envelope.

Trafalgar Square

New Post on Instagram.

A Rainy Day in Trafalgar Square really missing going to London.


STUDIO 72 Creations

Save £10.00 per Print in April

Daily Exercise

New Doodle

More Trees March 2021

Sheltering Sheep

New Post

More Trees - March 2021

The Fab Four

New Post

March 2021

Three Red Trees

New Post

Feb 2021

Yellow Cresta

New Post

Feb 2021


New Image Story

Feb 2021

Elf Prince

Archive Post

Feb 2021

The Whale

New Post

I do miss the Trips to London

Walk in the Trees

New Post

A new Set of work with Silhouette Trees

Two Hearts

Valentines Day

Feb 2021

Rhubarb & Apple

New Breakdown

Several in the set


and Butterfly

Feb 2021

Beach Watchers

Archive Image

Feb 2021


Archive Addition

Feb 2021

Beach Watchers

Archive Image

Feb 2021


New Work

Feb 2021

Screen Time

Feb 2021

New Work

Yellow Tulips

Making Backgrounds

Jan 2021

Daily Walk

Inspired By Lockdown

Feb 2021


Archive Image Story

Jan 2021


New Post

Jan 2021

Blue Bubble Car

Jan 2021

New Post

Place Settings

Something fun for the new year

Jan 2021

Alone at Christmas

Thinking of family and friends

Covid 2020

Christmas Card

Covid Christmas

Thinking of Friends and Family

Star Gazer

Playing with Dragons

December 2020

Archive Update

added new story pages

December 2020

SRGB Winner

Print Boxes

November 2020

Loosing Perspective

New Post

November 2020

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