The Triptych

Three that Flow

A triptych is a set of three images, which have a common thread, story or emotion. Personally, the triptych should have a flow from one image to the next and be three individual Images not one cut into three images. The images don’t have to be the same size or shape but simply work together. I like to being out emotion to the final set. I was introduced to the Triptych many years ago at Southport Photographic Society.

Historically three images have been used for many years originally in religious imagery. I was introduced to the Triptych, many years ago at the start of my photographic journey at Southport Photographic Society. One of the competitions themes was a Triptychs. Immediately, falling in love with triptychs because after all it’s simply a mini panel. I like finding the balance and commonality of the images to create a flow or story. Here's some of mine to share.

Books and Cutlery

Repeated Items

A Still Life Set created after a session using variety of Cutlery. I like the colours and shapes. The tarnishing of the metal, matched with the creams of the books and background. Balancing the set seemed the most logical way of doing it.

Structure and Composition.

Image Shape –  Portrait

Image 1   –  Knife and Fork on books on a diagonal

Image 2  –  A repeated objects with addition of a spoon.

Image 3  –  Just spoons but two to match the knife and fork

A repeating pattern, the objects from the outer images to the centre image.  The colour tones repeat throughout the image.

Light Watchers

Another Place

The Gormley Sculptures at Another Place, Crosby, have been an inspiration for many years and after each visit I still find that emotional connection. There are no lighthouses at Crosby but there are some not to far away. I selected from several images in the set about beach & sea. You can make many combinations and sets mixing & matching the images as the set had the same colours and shapes involved.

Structure and Composition.

Image Shape –  All Square

Note 1   –  Repeated Figure

Note 2  –  Colours and Shapes repeated in each image. 

Note 3  – Created a Wave through the Triptych.


Cambridge Bikes

All the Same but Different.

Cambridge is a stunning city. The beautiful architecture and the bikes are the obvious photographic focus. We’d been to look at a museum that we passed while exploring the busy streets. Turned left and there they are arched shaped windows and bikes securely attached. I processed seven, using similar textures. They weren’t process with a triptych in mind but simply because I enjoyed the compositional shapes and diversity of the bikes. There’s no real answer for the composition apart from it just felt right. During a talk at a club and I was told, “reversing them is understandable but the bike chains are now on the wrong side and is incorrect”. I was reprimanded at one talk as I'd reversed a bike.

Structure and Composition.

Image Shape –  Mixed

Note 1   –  Different but repeated objects. 

Note 2  –  Colours and Shapes repeated in each image. 

Note 3  – Created a Window Line through the Triptych.

There are many ways to do this panel, you can face the bikes in. make the larger image bigger and add two small ones at the side. I’m sure you can think of more. 

Human Sculpture

Scary Moment

This was created to cast out the demons, I'm not good with people who's faces I cant see. This Human Sculpture was at the Tate Modern. I was busy taking shots with my phone, not really looking at the figure. Concentrating on the movement and shapes she was making and not really thinking about where she was in comparison to me. I suddenly realised that she was actually stood right in front of me, her nose on the end of my phone. Far too close for comfort. I think the other people in the gallery thought it was amusing including Jane.

Structure and Composition.

Image Shape –  Equal in size

Note 1   –  Repeated figure, different Images

Note 2  –  Went to Mono to level the Colours

Note 3 – A different way to tell story. 

Three Ships

Arty Triptych

Tall Ship, weekend in Liverpool.It was great weekend with lots of memories and images of ships, people and places. They were leaving the port and heading to the ocean, I took theses on the horizon line. Perfect for a pirate adventure.

Structure and Composition.

Image Shape –  Long and Tall Like the Ships

Note 1   – Different Images but repeated theme.

Note 2  –  Went to Mono to give impact and Uniformity

Note 3  – Tall to Short in size.

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