The Never-ending Story

Manipulation and Photography.

Photography, is an ever changing art form. It started many years ago, in 1825, playing with light and upside down images. There are many examples of Early Manipulation in the darkroom. One in the 1860s using Lincolns mans head and another man body. A World War 1 battle image that consisted of images developed together to create a final dramatic image.

Does Ansel Adams darkroom dodging and burning count as manipulation? It does alter the original image? Some interesting examples of changing images are on Photoshop before Photoshop.

Edward Chamber Hardman added clouds to his images to make them more appealing. You Can visit his studio in Liverpool. to see how he did it.

The most famous of course is Cottingly Fairies Images. 1917 two young girls using their imagination seeing fairies flying at the bottom of the garden.

What does manipulation mean?

Has this image been manipulated?

There is more Photoshop work on this image than most I create. Where is your line? We all have a different one. What does that mean to you?  Does the presets on your camera manipulate when it saves you images? Do you use RAW? That changes your initial image to something that meets your requirements. Is that straight out the camera? Can you crop, clone, alter a colour image to  mono? When we started the SRGB Print Celebration, we wanted to cover all types of photography. One section was Straight Out of the Camera.   In the end we decided not to use that section as it can be policed. 

As a Photographic Artist, I get many questions relating to art & photography.  There is no line between the two. Photography is an art form. I used to get aggresive comments all the time but now everyone want to know how to do it. I ask myself, would they share? 

 I like photography in all it’s form but love prints, Darkroom Monochrome, to phone images it really doesn’t matter how or why. It’s about having fun and following your own path. It’s hobby, why use it to criticise instead of enjoying what people do. One negative comment can ruin people confidence and they walk away from something they love. A little encouragement goes along way. 

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