Learning about Textures and where to apply them is a Skill and like any learning process takes time. 

The basic steps to Textures


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icon events/ textures page


I've been adding textures to my images for a many years, starting in the darkroom. I like to make an image mine by making choices and making my work individual. This is becoming harder, as the trend is Adding Texture at the moment not because they're creative but because they want to win. It's just the latest trend.

There are many sources you can buy textures by a simple quick download but there not yours. Someone else created them. You can't use them in club photographic exhibitions or Federation/PAGB Competitions as it breaks the rules. Is a quick download the answer? Hopefully, not but some do and get away with it. All my images and textures are taken by me as are base images for my brushes. Textures add personal touch to your work, no one else can reproduce it.

Textures can come from photographs you've taken or by creating your own painted to chalk textures and them photograph them. There are thousands of textures ninth world to be used. You just have a choice, the ones you want bought or your own. If you're going to abide by the rules which I'm more than aware some don't and some even admit it.

Where's your line?

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