Talk - 24th January 2022

In Person Print Talk at the Club Room

Blackburn Camera Club talk starts 7.30 pm. 

Books for Sale on the night. 

Print Talks

Booking for 2022

My Print Talk is Titled “Creative View” and features a variety of Creative techniques, themes and why I print. This is a print talk with occasional Hints and Tips not a workshop. I run workshops from home I'm based in Southport.

Talk Information

I’m only booking one talk per week to allow for any Covid Complications. I don't allow my presentation to be recorded or used with Zoom.I usually split the talk into two parts with a break of approx 15mins. I prefer that questions are asked as we go. I’m happy to pass my prints round during the talk (Covid allowing)

The talk may be cancelled due to Covid Government Guildlines or self isolation.

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at any level

I'm in the PAGB Book for Judging and taking booking for Judging at any level including Zoom.

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Please, don’t forget to add the name & address & postcode of your club on the Contact Form

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