How Do You That?

Just Play!

There are lots of techniques to photoshop, in the end its' about enjoying what you and follow your heart.

I've added a basic Texture examples and some Blending Modes. These are the most important ones when adding textures to you work.

More to come...


Textures - The Basics

Choosing the right one.

Adding a texture is easy, getting the right one needs practise. here a couple of examples of textures added to the same image. which do you like?

Adding textures, isn't about Awards, doing something quick but learning a new skill

Blending modes- The Basics

Choosing the right one.

Adding a texture doesn't always have to be with BlendingModes, it depends on your method in Photoshop.

Heres' a few I use but remember is about trying various ones out to get the right texture blend on your work.


Finding Textures

Which do I use?

coming soon...

Lots to look at. Why not explore…

Before & After
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