Fellowship - Royal Photographic Society


I decided to take an ARPS which I received in March 2008, my mentor was Rikki O'Neill and told to do my FRPS as soon as possible as someone would copy the style. This was the stressful part. I created another panel had it checked by my mentor and off it went in the post. Unlike the ARPS at the time, the FRPS needed ratification from The Board.This is a two part process. The panel of six FRPS Photographers, in a closed session and then The Board. The was told I'd got through Stage One and so had friends. Stage Two is the difficult bit. The time between Stage One and Stage Two was months, waiting. The stress levels were through the roof.

The day of The Board arrived. We actually had a photo friend staying with us at the time and took him out to the Liverpool Docklands. We were wandering around the Tate in Liverpool and the call came late afternoon. Leaving the Galley, I sat on the steps on the first floor and was told I'd received my Fellowship. I couldn't believe that I'd got it first time. Sadly, not all my friends who got through Stage 1 didn't get it at Stage 2. A very big thank you to all those who supported me with the Associateship and Fellowship. I couldn't have done it without you.

My Panel was featured in the RPS magazine and used as example of a Fellowship for several years.

The big questions was "What do I do now? " and "Where do I go with my photography?"

Statement of Intent


The purpose of these images is to show how I explore the visual potential which every object holds. I look at a simple object knowing that there are many possibilities in its forms, in its subtleties of colour, or in its textures when I photographed it.

The panel explores these visual qualities of these objects and shows how individual images can interact with each other to enhance and heighten experience of emotion to the viewer. The introduction of organic and in-organic objects is to show the balance of emotions we go thought each day and an element of time.

Working on these qualities yields a series of subjects which can please, disturb, provoke or satisfy that is the objective. The square format reinforces these feelings.

My images are part of me and free of trends and fashions.



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