Someone Else's Art

A judges Comment.

Somebody Else’s Art is a common phrase you hear from judges and it’s comes into conversation at my talks but what does it mean?

When I started in camera clubs Record was a common subject in Competitions. This Section was about recording something, as it’s created.This included buildings, street art, trains and other vehicles and scale models. It was a very popular section.

I’m often inspired by Art, Sculpture in particular. The Kelpies, Gormley Man, Angel of the North, Singing Ringing Tree. Today you see these Sculptures in photographic competitions. Every area has them, the ones some judges get tired of seeing :O) The Phrase they often use is as a negative comment “is It’s someone else art" and it’s given a lower score than you’d expect. This is a phrase I often get about my work as I use the Sculpture in creative ways. It’s also an alternative ‘to I don’t like Creativity’. Taking Sculpture, is just as difficult as taking any other Subject. Lighting, composition etc.

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What Does it Apply To?


I've had the said about my prints and I've heard judges say hit many times. The phrase got me thinking. Somebody Else’s Art what does this mean to?

Sculpture - an object created by an artist often on public view.

People in gallery situations looking at art - there’s art in the image, does anyone question it?

Street Art - an piece created by an street artist on public view.

Buildings - a planned structure created by an architect often very sculptural.

Furnature - everywhere - created by an designer

Posters & Advertising - in any setting, created by an designer often outside building etc.

People - did anyone design them? The answer depends on your beliefs.

People Wearing Clothes - Designer fashion is a multi million pound business, Clothes are created by an designer.

Still Life Objects - the majority of object we use are created by a designer but we arrange the composition.

Flowers - Dependant on the type many F1 hybrids are used in genetics are crossbred therefore designed but wild flowers don't belong to anyone.

Transport - Designed , not only the vehicle but the livery.

I’m sure you can put many more on the list. What do you think?

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