Backing Prints

Talk Prints

Backing a print, protects and also displays the prints as part of the set for talks. It's creates a cohesive gallery of work. If the print is handled it keeps it from getting finger marks and being damaged.

I have them cut to order as I prefer the amount to be equal on three sides and the main depth at th bottom.

I use precut mounts, as my prints are a set size A3 full print or a 10x10 inch square. The mounts are bought in bulk (Paper Spectrum) and I use Framing Tape to stick them on, this is easy to remove if required. I mount prints by eye.

The prints for my talks are not backed which is occasionally commented on during the talk.

The reasons

  • the weight and additional boxes to carry the prints.
  • the waste & expense created by backing prints.
  • Storage of backed prints after talks and exhibitions
  • The ability to reuse mounts
  • Damaged prints can be remounted
  • I use framers tape for the prints.

I think it's important we view prints and see how the paper changes the image.

talks & Judging

Talk should not to be confused with Competitions rules associated with the PAGB and federations, many well known print worker do the same. The prints talks don’t have be inline with Federation or PAGB rules as it’s a personal talk designed for camera clubs, the mounts are 50 x 40cm to fit club light boxes. 

 It’s a personal choice how speakers do their presentation, 

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Image Story
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