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I invite questions during a talk and enjoy audience participation. These are some recurring questions.

How Long Does it Take?

To create an image?

How long's a piece of string?

A simple basic texture image, can take ten minutes or less. The more complicated images up to two hours but this isn't often as I get lost in the image and overwork it. The speed you create the images depends on the skills you have in that area of photoshop. I've been creating digital images and prints since Photoshop 3 . I no longer, think about the process but think about simply creating the image.

I don't preplan or sketch any ideas. I open an image and play. Sometimes they work sometimes they don't. My need to create is foremost in my mind not the need to win or please others.


Someone Else's Art?

Isn't Everything?

This is a comment that judges use on a regular basis. There used to be a highly skilled section in Club Competition called Record. Wasn't that some art too? Sometimes you just have to think about what they're saying. Look around you and ask yourself, is that someone else's art?

It might make you think differently next time a judge says that about your work. Read More...


The Never-ending Story

Is it Photography?

"it's not proper photography?".

Changing images has been around for a long time. People added and manipulating images in the darkroom and it was called a photographic skill.

Think about it, how much difference is there between darkroom skills and the white room skills?

This isn't asked as much as it used to be. Read More...

textures info

Backing Prints

"why don't you back your prints?"

There are lots of reasons.

  • Time of mounting 90+ images for a talk is enough.
  • Weight - Have you ever carried a full Print Box?
  • Lifting Boxes - to Venue & table tops often without help
  • Cost - Why pay extra on top of the cost of Printing n mounting?
  • Reuse of Mounts - This saves money and waste
  • Addition Boxes needed if Backed
  • Postage for Exhibitions/Salons Prints
  • The PAGB don't specify this is a rule.
  • The L&CPU only ask for Prints for Federation Competition to be backed.

This question is usually asked by people who don't like or understand the Imagery. You'll find that many Top Print Speakers don't back their prints either for the same reasons.

The Secret Life of Talk

only a couple of hours at a Club?

Where Does it Start?

Which Images to Process and create?

Printing & Mounting



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