Before and After

Start with an Image you Like

Just Play, think about why you took the image and how it made you feel. I'm usually inspired by music, art, an event or meeting people. I open an image. I play until I get something I like. No revisualisation, no sketches. If the image doesn’t feel right in the few layers, I stop, as there’s no point in wasting time. The process can take for ten minutes to a couple of hours for the more complicated pieces but no more than that. Every image has a hidden image inside waiting to be found. Working in sets of at least three helps define the emotion felt when taking the shots. I don’t record how I do it, each set has to be done in one session. I can’t repeat it the next day or would want to. I could never do Xerox images.

Simple Use of Textures

Rainbow Bottles

Adding a Rainbow

A simple Still Life taken with light from the window using flowers from the garden. Now, enhanced by adding texture as an overlay. This adds hints of colour and gives it a more arty feel to the original shot.

Green Parrot

Adding a Jungle

An iPhone shot taken in the Park on a walk with a friend. I loved the cheeky parrot. Created a Jungle for him to live in using a mix of textures and images.

Blinds at the Tate

An Arty Finish

An iPhone shot taken at the Tate Modern. The use of the overlay in this is to add texture to the image. The overlay also brings out the shapes and allows you to see the people better.

Rhubarb and Apple


I was emptying the Recycling and squashing cans. Eureka moment, photograph them. Images taken with my iPhone in the back yard. It's important you take several shots to get the right composition.

I don’t have a set way to do things but let the image take shape. There’s no magic formula to success just hard work.I’m completely self-taught. I’ve not copied styles or used You Tube.  It’s just about having fun and enjoying the image making and liking it, never make an image to please a judge.

Any questions please get in touch. 

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