Full Deck Challenge

The Cards

The Full Deck Challenge is a creation by Shanouki Design by Shana this is her second round. I found it on you tube while watching craft vids. It’s great idea and gives you a boundary of something small to fit your work into which isn’t always easy. I like the prompts as it takes me out of my comfort zone and makes me do something different. Often, I find it takes two or three goes to get one I think is right. Once I find then it flows. The base for most of my cards is a book page as it takes the ink/paint really easily and makes a good starting point for each set of prompts. This can be done a head of time to allow for drying.

Challenge No. 16


Orange -Vintage – Script – Splatter

I was bit of a loss with this one. Orange isn’t my favourite colour. I’d just added the pumpkins to the other tag.There are several variations to this one but this one the final orange choice. When I was in B&M I bought a box of Halloween bits and bobs in a coffin shaped  box. The background was yellow and orange ink with black splatter plaint. The rest of the card was layers of vellum, stamped with webs or vintage script. The spiders have been coloured with markers. The spiders need something to hold on to. created a simple web with cotton, Added thecae to compliment the web and add additional vintage.

Challenge No. 15


Animal –  Washi Tape – Bright – Sentiment

Finding an animal that would fit the card took some time. Eventually, decided to look at the stamps I have to see if that would inspire me. Once, I found this it was perfect and the rest just flowed. 

Challenge No. 14


Blue – Cheesecloth – Ticket – Stamping

I tried to be a bit more free with the construction on this one. I watched the example You Tube video first by Shanouki Design by Shana. This is the lady that started the challenge  In the end it I think it was a bit too free for me but only time will tell. 


Challenge No. 13


Botanicals – fabric – texture – label

I’ve spent sometime during the warmer weather collecting flowers and leaves and pressing them. This is were they came in handy for the botanicals. the Background leave was deep Burgundy The background is my handmade paper, run through the Sizzix using Tim Holts hearts die but didn’t push them all out to give texture.The little hearts that were left I added later, dying some with TH Forrest Moss.  I choose two types of fabric, one pattern and one plain. The Bow was made from an old crepe bandage tied with string. (more texture) The label was the last addition which just gave it something different. 

I went with the Victorian feel from this one. 

Challenge No. 12


Yellow – Glitter – Button – Doily 

This is the second try at FDC2 no.12 as I didn’t’t have a doily for the first one. 

Firstly, I painted the doily black as the white was little stark. This started with the napkin that I founds crumpled up in the cupboard. This was a first for me , I’ve never done a napkin background and it was perfect for yellow. Glitter reminds me of being at work at Christmas with the children. It was added to the wings of the main bee  (Silver) and the body ones on the napkin (gold).  The doily was  added behind card to make a frame. 

Buttons I used as a holder for the main bee and balanced that with a button at the bottom 

The main bee was from a free download from thegraphicsfairy.com which was painted.


Challenge No. 11


Coffee – Paper Rolls – Hearts – Button

The background has coffee stained paper. The rolls? I originally made book pages rolls but they didn’t do anything to inspire me, I chose to look at these first, as I thought they were the hardest to fit into the card.  I’d just got an Amazon parcel with paper in it, so I used that to make the rolls and they reminded me of logs. That was my starting point. Inked with TH Walnut Stain. The hearts,  Tim Holtz Thinlets, sizzix die. I had batch created from my heart project. 

Pumpkins  from Tim Holtz, (pumpkinhead CMS309) stamped and hand touched and shaded. 


Challenge No. 10


Green – Circles – Staples – Words

The glued a book page to the base card for my words as a start place. Tried various ribbons stacked and crossed but only used one. My grandad use to tell me the poem about the green eye. The cogs are stored in the same box and are circles. The top hat seemed like a good addition and is classic steampunk.The staples added decoration.Popped the beads adding colour and circles. The title words added on tags as a final touch.

Challenge No. 9


Magazine – Weaving –  Vellum – Flowers

Created two for this.Another with a book page to the base card. I used a Tate magazine to the weaving but made a large share. it reminded me of a piece of art. The frame was a slide die from Tim Holtz cutting one in  vellum. Woven ribbon in the background.Flowers that was the hard one to try and addOne I added a sheet with flowers and the other roses added with woven material.The text is all from the magazine.

Challenge No. 8


Napkin – Tab – Scribbles – Metallic 

This one I had fun with.  I saved a gold metallic envelope from the junk mail. This was my background. Created some scribble writing by repeating words or phrase onto tissue paper. The gold printed napkin, I decided not to use it as background. Created a bow and it all fell into place after that. The head came from the Tate Mag used in the previous challenge.The buttons and hearts all metallic. The final addition was the tags in colours to match the hearts,

Challenge No. 7


Book Page – Coral ( Colour) – Zig Zag – Tree

The first thing I’ve been dong to cover the card is adding a a craft sheet of coral paper, that was the first prompt done. I covered the book pages with skeleton leaves to book pages and then inked them. They make a perfect tree.

Now, zig zag, there’s alway sone that throws me. this was it. Zig Zag, ribbon? stencil? drawn shapes? My nan used to use pinking shears – that was it. The cut wasn’t that good  so backed the card with the green to contrast with the Coral. 

Extras, the sun, cloth and flowers with twinkles stud on the make them Sparkle. 


Challenge No. 6


Sheet Music – Black Mark Making – Flowers – Turquoise

Sheet Music from the charity shop as a background. A black mark making sheet created on tissue paper. Lots of scraps to build the card up including some of the painted scraps in turquoise. A little spooky grey cheesecloth to add texture. Painted the edges of the flowers frame. Added circles with dots to match the flower shapes. A little Gold because you can. 

Challenge No. 5


Happy Scraps – Lace – Buttons – Sentiment

I certainly had messy fun making Happy Snaps with Jade, Gold and Black. I layered these horizontally onto the card. Found a small piece of black lace to the left to add balance. Buttons next, looked in my mixed box of button and beads and found one of my steampunk medals with buttons on, perfect.  The sentiment  I always find hard as it has to say something about the prompts. I’d never made happy scraps before so went with the explorer. 

Challenge No. 4


Person – Glitter – Yellow –  Ribbon

Full Deck Challenge 9 was magazine, the only magazine I had was a Tate members one. This gave me an opportunity to use it again. The portrait (person)  having a yellow background it fitted perfectly. I just built up the scraps adding more colours from the person. Ribbon was easy just add it as a tag. I didn’t have yellow ribbon so added gold

Glitter!  was my sticking point on this one. I eventually, added two small circles in gold.  in the background to balance the card. Glitter get everywhere. 

Challenge No. 3


Cat – Red – Stamp – Ticket

This one I was looking forward to. I had an image of my cat from card I made. Tickets from Tim Holtz, stamps and dies. I looked through my stamps and found a red one.

I have a selection of remade scrap stacks , so delved into those fro add height. The “L ” shaped construction worked with the rickets and gave  a base for the image. 

Th little fish bones added a fun element to the card.

Enjoyed this one and no sticking points. .