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Talks and Judging - Booking Now!


Taking bookings for Judging at all levels, Club, Battles, Federation , Nationals and Internationals. all Details in the PAGB Judging List or use the  contact form.


Talks - Prints

  • A Creative View
  • A Creative Mind
  • A Creative Perspective

The talk is completely prints and usually divided onto two sections with a break. I invite discussion during the talk and pass prints round so they can be seen as a print should be, held in your hand. Please Note this is not a workshop.

Club Talks – No Zoom or Digital Reproduction



One way of giving back is to help other achieve their goals and progress through the creative process. I mentor for the L&CPU and The PAGB to help people with achieving the distinctions APM’s

I’m happy to discuss and critique work for the APM’s and feedback from the Boxes.

Art is not what you see, but what you make others see. - Edgar Degas

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