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My New Guest Book

Sadly, my old Webpage failed recently and I’ve had to create a New Guest Book. I lost all those thoughts and comments you left. 

I’d love to hear from you. Thoughts about my images and webpage. Talks at your Club Room or how you got on with A Still Life Box or Workshop. 

Thank you




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  1. A must for all intentional creative artists and photographers is Dianne’s selections of Still Life Box.
    Almost impossible to go wrong, all the elements are there as well as guides on how to piece them together.
    All that is needed is your own slant, your own creative mind.
    What could go wrong.
    A fabulous gathering of bits and pieces from the talented Dianne whose own images transcend into a different world.
    A great mentor who has provided us, through these delightful boxes, the opportunity to “step out of the box”
    Excellent value and worth every penny.

    Rikki O’Neill Artist/Photographer FRPS MPAGB FIPF Hon SPF

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