Creative, Photography, Art and much more.

I have an artistic soul. It influences every moment of my life.  The need to take  the next step in the journey is what drives my art. Photography has been my choice of medium for many years. Taking a base image and letting the hidden image flow into being is all part of the fun but now I’m also moving towards doing more crafts and scrapbooking. 

This creative path started when I was very young. Always being encouraged to ask “why?”. To explore the question and find the answers in the world of books and encyclopaedias.  There was always the opportunity to be creative with scissors, paper and paint . My favourite was those magical books that you paint a blank page with water and magically colour and image appears, that sounds familiar doesn’t it?. 


The darkroom had its fascination and that chemical smell was always there. The wonder of a very early Photoshop gave me freedom to play with the digital world of photography. Switching to Photoshop was an easier transition after learning darkroom skills. It opened a world of magical creativity. I’ve always used my creative skill with paper, paint and glue.  You can hold a finished of art on piece of paper and share it.  Looking closely at the detail, subtle colours. An images mixed with the choice of digital art paper completes the image. My work is created to be printed and shared, people can discuss and see my vision in a print. The prints have been exhibited all over the world in exhibitions and salons many gaining awards and distinctions. 


The Creative world has given me the opportunity of new friendships, some only for a page or a chapter. Others for much longer joining me on the journey. There have been challenges to face and obstacles to overcome. Each one  inspiring me to go further into my art.. There have also been achievements and unexpected events. They’re all inspiring people and I thank them for being a part of my story. I’ve achieved most thing in the photographic  club world. 

Creating art is part of me. I love the creative process and to have a physical end product, usually a piece of paper. It can be art or scrapbooking and of course a photographic image. I’ve shared my work doing Talks, Entering Exhibitions and Salons and here on my webpage. Everyday, I’m inspired by life and the people in it.. We all see differently because of having individual experiences that create different ways to see the world but come together as whole in our art. The Still Lie Boxes are created to inspire people to try the creative path. 

ARPS & FRPS both achieved in 2008 

'you were born an individual why die a copy?" by John Mason.