Creative, Photography, Art and much more.

I live a creative life and my photography is my way of releasing that creativity. I’ve always seen things differently.  It’s always about the next step. t’s always about being individual. The choice of creative photography by adding a little bit of my life and emotions to each print was an easy one. That was over 20 years ago.

I was of course rejected by most but understood by the minority but my passion for individuality held fast. My creative path started when I was very young, encouraged to ask “why?”. To explore the question and find the answers in the world of books.

There was always the opportunity to be creative with scissors, paper and paint and those magical books that you paint a blank page with water and magically colour and image appears, that sounds familiar doesn’t it?


There were other photographers in the family. My great aunt had a box brownie and took beautiful photographs. My biggest photographic influence as a young child was my uncle who lived in Ingelton. On school holidays we used to go and stay and have magical journeys to the waterfalls, caves and dales, exploring the treasures of fools gold and sparkling crystals. As darkness fell, we remembered the day in the darkroom and watched the magic of the images appear but without colour.

Never thinking, one day I’d have my own Darkroom,  after dark by transforming the kitchen for the science of magical imagery photography.


The Magic

The darkroom was a place of wonder and frustration. Prints that worked were magic but the frustration of failure was also a balance .A skill indeed but I still miss that smell but not the darkness.

My images had textures even then by trying cling film over the paper and a variety of other experiments but many failures.

Switching to Photoshop was an easier transition after learning darkroom skills. It opened a world of creativity I could never of imagined. All I did was press buttons and see what happens next but then there was no You Tube tutorials, only thick books of words and technical challenges that I was to impatient to understand.

Being self taught I made my own way. 


Why Prints?  You can hold a print in your hand.Look closely at the detail, subtle colours that mix with the choice of art paper.You don’t have to switch on a screen to do it either. Everyday, I’m inspired by life. We all see differently as we all have individual experiences that create different ways to see the world. My Photography has given me the opportunity of new friendships, some only for a page or a chapter, others for the whole book. There have been challenges to face and obstacles to overcome each one taking me further into my creative thoughts. They’re all inspiring people and I thank them for being a part of the story. I’ve achieved most thing in the photographic world. It’s now time to pass on my skills to others, through workshops, Still Life Boxes and Mentoring for the L&CPU & the PAGB.



Creating art and images is part of me. I love the creative process and to have a physical end product, usually a piece of paper. It can be art or scrapbooking and of course a photographic image. I’ve shared my work doing Talks, Entering Exhibitions and Salons and here on my webpage.  


'you were born an individual why die a copy?" by John Mason.