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Thoughts- secret life of talk

The Creative world has given me the opportunity of new friendships, some only for a page or a chapter. Others for much longer joining me on the journey. There have been challenges to face and obstacles to overcome. Each one  inspiring me to go further into my art. There have also been achievements and unexpected events. They’re all inspiring people and I thank them for being a part of my story. 

Creating art is part of me. I love the creative process and to have a physical end product, usually a piece of paper. It can be art or scrapbooking and of course a photographic image. I’ve shared my work doing Talks, Entering Exhibitions and Salons and here on my webpage. Everyday, I’m inspired by life and the people in it.. We all see differently because of having individual experiences that create different ways to see the world therefore we should all produce individual work. 

I achieved my ARPS & FRPS in 2008 – I no longer pay for my FRPS

'you were born an individual why die a copy?" by John Mason.