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Chester Zoo has this hidden garden that has this beautiful sculpture Called Noah and the Four Winds by Sean Rice(1931-1997) its been at the Zoo since 1977 and was created for the Queens Silver Jubilee. It's a sculpture that I've been fascinated with since the first time I saw it, years ago. This started a life long fascination for his work.

I have a love for all things mystic and fantasy based. Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones etc. This set was created simply because if the inspiration and passion it creates on viewing. All images have been taken of this sculpture and water from the fountains with added texture and colour. They're fun and made after a visit to the Zoo. The eyes came from animals taken on the same day. There's approx 30 layers over four groups.

Noah and the Four Winds is a fountain with water and flowing over the figures and shapes. There's something special about the whole thing.

There are many pieces of his in and around Liverpool.

Riot Policeman, c.1982 by Sean Rice (1931 – 1997) - Victoria Art Gallery and also one in the Quadrangle

Abraham - Metropolitan Cathedral & The Stations of the Cross.

Seagulls Raising - Mercure Liverpool Atlantic Tower Hotel.

There's area more too!

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