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New Work

New Work

Monthly Images

From time to time we all get that image block, you sit there staring at the screen, trying new images and nothing happens. The alternative is we make work and don't like it. In the bin it goes. That's one of my Rules, If it doesn't work bin it and try again later if you like the base image. No, Point in saving images, the don't get better on a hard drive.

This is my Theory. Post New work each month. See if it helps me create work.

June 2021

Not Very inspired this month

It's hot outside and my brains not working, Trying odd images but not really happy with them.

The set shown was created form a request from a customer on Etsy. I created them as Landscape images and then recreated them into a square to create cards for Etsy.

I've added a comment box for any thoughts.



Place Setting

A bit of fun for the first post for the new year. Not my usual colour selection but playing around with Blending modes and colours. I like the Blues and Orange Tones.

It looks great as a print.

Also find it on Instagram

Star Gazer

I started collecting this set of dragons, many years ago. I have other dragons but these are my favourite ones. Even though they’re always on display I’ve never photographed them before. It could possibly a new series. Mixing myth and magic.

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