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Bird are so fascinating to watch. I watch the garden birds daily and love watching them feed and interact. The Parrot was photographed in the local park.

Reed Bunting
Woodland Robin
Great Tit
Green parrot
Long Tailed Tit



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A variety of Animals and Creatures found in the Our world.

Tiger Cub
Two Tigers
Hare Portrait
Winter Hare

The Squirrel

Zoom Talks

Zoom Talks

for 2021

I've avoided doing any Zoom Talks because as most people know I'm a dedicated Print Worker, as it's a mix of paper and image that makes the final print for me and holding a print in your hand obviously not suitable doing Covid.

As most clubs that have rebook Print Talks have now moved them to 2022. I've had many requests over the past year to do Zoom talks all over the Uk and Ireland doing Covid. I've finally decided to do Zoom Talks in 2021.

My Creative Images

The Zoom talk is available from September 2021 

The online talk is two 45 mins sections with a break. The talk includes old favourites and new work from the recent lockdown months. My thoughts, inspirations and why I work in set. The images are my take on the creative world of photography with a little magic of textures. There are also before and after examples on some images as we go along the talk. 



A White Shirt


This is a creation inspired by a friend who was throwing out some old work shirts. Not being someone who likes throwing things away before I photograph them. I retrieved some and photographed them. There are several in the set but these are the most imaginative.

Art Shirt

The Art Shirt was my first in the Shirt Series. I originally thought the shirt would make a greta overall from me. I love to play with paint and crafts and always get paint or glue on my clothes.

Another inspiration for this was a visit to The Tate Exhibition where they had the artists paints and coat on display.

White Collar Dreaming


This was inspired by the idea that when you're sat in an office all day and the suns shining, you'd love to be somewhere else. So I created story of where this white collar worker would like to be.

Walking in the open air with trees and open spaces. Just, somewhere away from the office but not really wanting to be seen by the office staff either.

White Collar Sailing


Another shirt on a similar theme dreaming looking through the window in the office. Wanting to away from the office and out in the sun enjoying sailing around the world in this boat and exploring the world.

A friend of mine said if she could buy this shirt then she would buy it. maybe I'm in the wrong business. :O)

I'd love to know where you'd like to go if it was your shirt.

Spirals Of Time

Spiral of Time


The Spiral Set were part of my Fellowship Panel. I've given them a little reboot to make them as I see them now, rather than so many years ago!

The Fellowship Panel was created around Gormley Men and my Heads. These are neither I hear you say. no, they're not. The original idea for these came about when there was and old broken Skelton in the rubbish at work, sadly headless. After asking the caretaker nicely if I could have it I put it in the boot of the car.I hate things going to waste. So, home it came, many of its parts broken. I've photographed it on several occasions by eventually it want to the tip. Processed in an early Photoshop approx 48 layers and several textures.

The spiral background are ammonites, taken in Liverpool Museum. The background colours are from textures. It took some time to create the fish but they seem to work well with the ammonite shapes and have a similar feel.

The ammonite shape also added an extra element to the set, it was added to ae Gormley Mens the third to balance the Panel. The original images where pastel and gentle but I really like to punched up colours on them.


Magical Trees


A walk in the woods or local park can change the day ahead and make the world look so much brighter. The trees where taken on a drive in the trough of Bowland. The trees in winter or early spring are always a favourite too photograph as they have more shape and form, like a skeleton. One thing I have missed during lockdown is seeing animals. Finally we can go to the zoo or visit natural areas to take them again.

The trees in this set of work came from a winter drive in the Trough of Bowland an area I've always loved. There are special places, I love to have a picnic and vast spaces of landscape to wander in. A sense of freedom during difficult time and a need for freedom. All the tree images have been taken with my iPhone.

Trying out a new technique is always great to explore and I love to push the idea to it's limit. Being self taught, I learnt by playing with Photoshop to find out what each tool and element did. This I think is why I'm so diverce in my work. The idea comes from some tiny seed in my head. Sometimes it potters along and goes nowhere, the often explodes into something I enjoy and can explore for days and occasionally months. The idea and technique is always there to rekindle when I need it, often in another form.

The images make themselves and aren't to complicated but are fun to make. My aim is to create a mood and atmosphere of a walk alone in the woods. Dreaming about things that I'd meet and animals that would be hiding there too. The theme of the Mythical White Stag in the talks of old. Another a stag in the autumn trees. My personal Favourite is the sheep sheltering under the trees. The fun one is the Blue Dog which makes me smile. Finally the two with the hidden man in them, one of which is on my Etsy Shop.

Hope you like them :O)

Arty Tulips

Art Tulips


A Bit of Fun with Flowers - Processed in Photoshop - Seven Groups including 56 layers.

Sometimes it's just fun to play and simply enjoy yourself. The original image was a shot of Red and Purple Tulips, in close up.

There was a variety of images created from this simple image. A Bee a spider and an Alien all of which I didn't really like. My rule when something doesn't work is simply to bin it and start again. This one is a winner. I liked for the colour mix and the simple shapes of flowers. The background is very important and should reflect the focus image and bring it forward for the viewer.

I created many of this type of image at the time. It's a great a way to get out of the groove of club photography and move into something that's more original and more fun. Never really knowing what the outcome will be.

After finding this one on an old hard drive I think I need to get back to doing more of them.

I've included a couple of snap shots from the main image so you can see the detail and blends in the image.

Tulips on Wood

Purple Tulips

on Wood. 2019

Tulips are my favourite flower to photograph. They are so delicate and have so many variations, it's aloe a sign of warmer lighter nights after the dark and cold of winter.

I aways start by finding an interesting background that I've not done before or haven't done for a long time. My choice on this occasion was wood. I knew I wanted wood to contrast with the purple and green of the flowers. This would create texture and add something different from my pastel backgrounds of overlaid textures. Off the the garage, to see what we have got in the scrap pile as I didn't want anything too big. Nothing interesting took my eye. Looked around the other things in the garage and found a sheet of plywood, it had been painted and then some of the paint removed when it was recovered from its location which to start with was slightly annoying. Take the opportunity when you can so the more I looked the more I thought it a great opportunity. It had very distinctive marks on it which could be used in various way and lets face it no one else has that background, so no copies.

I tried various ways and looks lots of images these are just three fron=m the shoot. All taken in Natural light from the window and textures added to give the white washed look.

photo papers

Fine Art Photo Paper

Arty Photographic Paper

Photo Rag Satin

My go to Photo Paper

Photo Rag Satin is a beautiful paper. It has a satin coating that gives a more traditional feel with the coating is on a Fine Art Paper. It's the best of both worlds.

You get the arty feel with a silky sheen that enhances your image. You can use it on any images you're use a semi gloss or pearl on but it adds the rich Hahnemühle Fine Art Quality to the work.

I've used it on my Misty Liverpool Image and it works a treat. Reminds me of a mono darkroom paper.

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