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New Work

New Images 2022

Looking forward to getting some new work for 2022 - You'll see it first on my webpage.



New Images 2021

The SRGB Group kept going via Zoom and Print Boxes passed round when we could. We worked with a theme or an open Critique. Others are just random thoughts and ideas. I just play see what happens next. Some of the Prints are are available on Etsy.


Talks & Judging

Talks, Judging & Zoom

Taking Bookings
NEW 2021

Print Talks

Booking Now for 2022
My Talk isCreative Prints only, there is a variety of themes and information about the prints styles and thoughts. I'm a print worker and believe the final step in any image is to hold a print in your hand. The images shown are created solely to be printed as it gives the best image and illustrates the use of the joining of paper & image.

Please, note I'm no longer in the L&CPU speakers list. I now charge a Fee for my talks. Any Cancellation Re-bookings from Covid Months are still at the original Costs. Please, contact me for more Details & Costs.

Zoom Talks

Booking Now

I've avoided doing any Zoom Talks because as most people know I'm a dedicated Print Worker. It's a mix of paper and image that makes the final print for me and holding a print in your hand obviously not suitable durning the pandemic.

Most clubs that have moved the Print Talks bookings to 2022. I've had many requests over the past year to do Zoom talks all over the Uk and Ireland during the Covid months. I've finally decided to do Zoom Talks in 2021. only limited numbers. Max audience and confirmed agreement by the Club and individual audience members that to no recordings or screen grabs will be taken.

The Zoom talk is available from September 2021 booking now. Please, contact me for more Details & Costs.

The online talk is two 45 mins sections with a break. The talk includes old favourites and new work from the recent lockdown months. My thoughts, inspirations and why I work in set. The images are my take on the creative world of photography with a little magic of textures. There are also before and after examples on some images as we go along the talk. 


Remote and Live judging

Why do I enjoy Judging? Simply, because I love looking at photographic imagery, any subject or format. The individuality of each shot and the skill set that it took to produce. Quality composition and creative input, all go to produce final image. The selection of prints has the same basic skills with the addition of the knowledge base of creating and producing a print.

I've been on the PAGB judging list for several years and have been involved in judging at all levels. Not just on the actual judging panel but also behind the closed doors shuffling prints ,helping with organisation and making cups of tea.

I'm happy to judge at any level or subject from small club photography to international salons including judging via Zoom for pdi or having prints dropped off for home/studio judging. Comments via Zoom. Hopefully in the not too distant future we'll be able to meet again too

Charge at PAGB Rates.

Cambridge Bikes

Arty Tulips

Art Tulips


A Bit of Fun with Flowers - Processed in Photoshop - Seven Groups including 56 layers.

Sometimes it's just fun to play and simply enjoy yourself. The original image was a shot of Red and Purple Tulips, in close up.

There was a variety of images created from this simple image. A Bee a spider and an Alien all of which I didn't really like. My rule when something doesn't work is simply to bin it and start again. This one is a winner. I liked for the colour mix and the simple shapes of flowers. The background is very important and should reflect the focus image and bring it forward for the viewer.

I created many of this type of image at the time. It's a great a way to get out of the groove of club photography and move into something that's more original and more fun. Never really knowing what the outcome will be.

After finding this one on an old hard drive I think I need to get back to doing more of them.

I've included a snap shots from the main image so you can see the detail and blends in the image.

photo papers

Fine Art Photo Paper

Arty Photographic Paper

Photo Rag Satin

My go to Photo Paper

Photo Rag Satin is a beautiful paper. It has a satin coating that gives a more traditional feel with the coating is on a Fine Art Paper. It's the best of both worlds.

You get the arty feel with a silky sheen that enhances your image. You can use it on any images you're use a semi gloss or pearl on but it adds the rich Hahnemühle Fine Art Quality to the work.

I've used it on my Misty Liverpool Image and it works a treat. Reminds me of a mono darkroom paper.

Special Papers

Extra Special Papers

Metallic and William Turner

Photo Rag Metallic

Something Special

This silvery-shimmery paper is the only cotton based metallic paper on the market. I’ve used metallic papers in the past with various results but never really been happy with them.

Photo Rag Metallic, is not one I would naturally pick up BUT this paper is stunning! the first time I printed on it I fell in love.

I have created several sets of images just for this paper and they stand out from the crowd. This paper is not just for creative work, you can use it for so many images including macro and nature and it will adds a little magic and shimmer. You have to try it to understand how amazing it is. It makes your images sing with vibrance matched with the summer of the gold surface.

William Turner

extra texture

William Turner has a highly distinctive textured surface once you've touched it you'll know it again. The enhanced depth of the surface adds another dimension to images, giving the image textures that are something special in a fine art paper.

This surface adds a slight shadows in the texture which enhances those already there. This works especially well on heavy textures, fur and foliage as it enhances a beautiful depth to the textures by adding shadows in the surface of the paper.


Photo Papers
Smooth & Textured


Why Print?

Why Not?

The answer is easy, why would I not? Holding a print, you’ve just taken from the printer, is an amazing feeling, the time and the work given to creating that image, is there, on one sheet of paper, in your hand. It’s the visualisation of an image into reality. You can return to over and over again with having to switch a digital device on. If you’re entering a Competition or Exhibition, it’s exactly what you want the judge to see, no digital changes, from processing, programme or projector colour shifts etc.

Buying a printer and paper is simply an extension of your camera, part of the process. Photography equipment, doesn’t come cheap. You spend hours researching the best camera and lens for your style of photography. Why buy cheap paper and ink to present your images? Get the best printer, paper and ink to reflect the costs of the equipment.

Paper Choices

Photo or Arty?

Paper choices are just a diverse as photographers. The first consideration is size. Does size matter? We all know the answer yes. Some images should be printed small, some big, I must admit, I do standardise for talks and PAGB size guidelines. Two sizes, A3 or 10×10 inches printed on an A3 sheet of paper. None of this is set in stone but I hope it helps with your choices.

Choosing the right paper is a skill that has to be learnt, the only way to that is by printing. The higher the quality of paper the more careful you are in creating your print. You take time to check colour balance, shadows and highlights, mistakes in processing and finally, the best you can get from that image. That’s when you print. You must do your test printing on the same paper you’re going to use for your final print, Your print presentation, says so much about you.


Fine Art Papers

Papers are divided into two sections, smooth and textured. The papers have their own individual characteristics, from smooth velvet  to  more defined surfaces . Each has to be considered when choosing a paper.  Find out my favourites and why I use them. 


Digital Photo Papers

This choice takes you to Baryta, glossy and semi gloss, satin & silk paper.  My choice for a more photographic image is still a fine art, Photo Rag Satin. It has a Photo Rag base but a satin coating giving you the best of both worlds.


Distinctive Papers

 The extra sparkle Photo Rag Metallic, the only metallic paper that really makes my work have that extra something.  or the added texture and depth of Willian Turner. These two papers really give and added your work. 

Before Printing


Firstly, check the (coated) printing side is the right way round for printing. Which side of the paper do you print on? Usually it's indicated in the box of paper but it's easy to turn the paper round or put a sheet in the wrong way. A simple trick is to dampen the tip of your finger and the coated side will sick slightly to your finger, this is the side you print on.

Secondly, write in pencil on the back of the sheet, the name/make of the paper you've chosen and I also write the Date. This double checks, the side with the coating on. The distinctive coated side it will be more difficult to see the writing, a non coated side the pencil will write freely so keep you eraser handy.

Setting, check your settings, for the paper type and the appropriate ICC profiles. to get the best print.

Trying Papers

Using a Test Pack

A simple way of trying images n different appears is to print them.

There are three test packs, showcasing. Photo Papers and Fine Art Papers and The Naturals Range by Hahnemuhle Fine Art.

I pick five or six images that I know work on certain papers or that possibly required different papers. Printed them on all the different papers in a sample pack. This creates a record of the papers and how each paper reacts to the paper this helps you choose the best paper for that image.

You usually get two sheets of each paper, therefore you can print two sets of images or try out the images on the papers at a bigger size. These sheets can now be kept in a folder as reference.

Liverpool in Mono
Talk Details
Talk Feedback


Print Talk

All You need to know

Booking for 2022

Print Talks Available for booking 2022

I'm a print worker and believe the final step in any image is to hold a print in your hand. The images shown are created solely to be printed as it gives the best image and illustrates the use of the joining of paper & image. For me, part of the enjoyment of doing talks is being there and having the interaction of the members to discuss thoughts and paper choices.

Let's hope camera clubs don't end up being simply on-line forums for photography and one day we can meet again. I think the crazy new world has made many of us think about what comes next and how we want our lives to continue, enjoy the individuality of your photography.

Please, contact me for more Details & Costs.

Keep Well and Safe

Many prints are available in my Etsy Shop. as cards and prints.

Please, note I'm no longer in the L&CPU speakers list. This doesn't mean I'm not doing talks but simply moving on to another chapter in my photography story.

A Touch of Creativity

A Print Talk

The talk consists of a selection of creative and textured images created over the last couple of years. Some personal favourites and others Award Winners. Many new works and a section about my Head images created to depict emotion and feelings.

Discussion on paper and why I chose the papers is included in the Talk.

The talk will include Hints and Tips about my Creativity but it's not by any means a workshop. My process is different every time a produce a set of images, it's difficult to pin down what makes my individual images. There is no planning to sketches about what I'm about to create, I play and see what happens next.

Visiting Your Club

All You need to know

Talk Costs

Expenses & any other outlay required to visit your venue plus a talk fee. Contact for more details. I'm no longer in the PAGB Lectures List so now charge a fee. Rebooking from Cancelled talks - book now.

I’m happy to do short tours of two/three nights. Costs to be split between the clubs equally. Talks are also available at weekends for conferences and Photo Days days.

Anything approx 90 mins from home an evening meal is requested. A journey of two hours or more I'll need (Premier Inn Prices) stay, breakfast and evening meal for each club will be required.

If required for advertising on Club Website, I’m happy to send images by email. Images from my website, they may not be in the talk. please. don’t just help yourself from my Webpage. as they may not be in the talk.


Cambridge Bikes

Cambridge Bikes

A Street of Bikes 2016

A visit to Cambridge, after a talk tour in the area. We visited various locations, including the Museum. The city is named after the river Cam. Cambridge became an important trading centre during the Roman and Viking ages and finds have shown evidence of the early Bronze Age. What a great history.

Coming out from the museum, I spotted the bikes, which Cambridge is famous for, as the students run round the city and pedestrians need to beware of the them. Bikes are fastened up on any area available around the city. Even having signs saying no bikes, so they're not secured to the buildings. The bikes that took my eye were fastened to the bars on the windows of a building with blacked out windows. They fascinated me, all bikes have their own individual personality given by the owner.

This set makes a good triptych and has also done well as individual images in external exhibitions. There are approx. 33 layers in each image with the addition of three textures to each image.

Bath Time

Bath Time

Chester Zoo 2009

There's something about visiting a zoo that gives you a chance to see the animals that might not be around in years to come. I've been taken to the Zoo since I was very small. There's something magical about creatures that share our world and the there's also the sadness people who only see money in them. Chester Zoo is a favourite zoo of mine, it's one of the best and local. You walk in the grounds and there's a special sort of anticipation of seeing the favourites and the new babies.

One of the first things you see as you wander in, usually early morning, is the elephants. It's a lovely well built enclosure with lots of viewing spots to see them better. We looked at them having fun and walked on to see lots of other beautiful animals in the zoo and taking lots of photos too.

Time to go home, it had been a long day and our feet started to ache. One last look at the elephant family before we go. When the zoo starts to close the elephants often go for a bath in the waterfall and pool. Here you can see various members of the family drinking and bathing and usually the babies playing in the water. The older ones also love standing under the waterfall to cool off on a summers day. This is where I took the base image for this. there are 23 layers in total including the print layer.

I’ve included a couple more Elephant shots  the Elephant  Portrait was taken at Colchester Zoo  and the two young elephants  on a later visits to Chester Zoo. 

Waiting to Drink 2017
Elephant Portrait 2018
Water Babies 2019
All Right Reserved Dianne Owen FRPS 2021