A Daily Walk

With the dog 2019

We're all expected to do our daily walk but it has to be local. There's only so much you can do It reminded me of the images I made in 2019 about waking in a fantasy of colour and shape. .

One of the things I do enjoy when I'm playing with images and painting is using something simple to make somethings new.

This set is created from Colour Splash images that I've created and have used for many images as Backgrounds and Overlays. There's nothing like getting messy and having fun with colours no matter what the medium.

These are just for me. So, no rules or expectations and they created simply to create.

A painted splash image is the start for this  image,

I have 8 layer only in this one. It’s fun to play with new ideas. In the case I’ve been playing with colour and shape. to create the daily walk we all take, sometime simply repeating the same path and seeing different things along the way. Other times going to a new walk and exploring the things you see along the way. 

Here’s a couple more from the set. Still playing with the theme going for a walk.  Sometimes feeling alone and sometimes running and enjoying the freedom of space and time. 

Painted Backgrounds

Painted Backgrounds

Use Your Delivery Boxes

You can use any kind of paint, emission or children's ready mix, it doesn't matter. Just have fun.

Flatten some boxes, Amazon, cereal or any type of box that you have lying round. Cut to size and shape for your images.

Now, have fun and paint he boxes any pattern or shapes, it all depends on what you're thinking putting on them. Neutral Colours are often the best but it's up to you.

Cut your card into rectangles and squares.Use limited colours and paint your backgrounds. 

Let them dry overnight to be sure. There are so many things you can use to put on these backgrounds, for simplicity I used some tulips. 

The ‘magic’ has been done in photoshop with the addition of textures and blending modes.

There are a total of 20 layers, including tweaks for printing. 

Finally to print. My personal choice is Hahnemühle Digital Range – Bamboo. A soft gentle paper with a slight texture just finishes off the image perfectly. Printed on an Epson P600

Before & After
Image Archive

Old Image Breakdown

A simple image called the Swirl, created in 2003. See more on the Image page.

Place Setting

A bit of fun for the first post for the new year. Not my usual colour selection but playing around with Blending modes and colours. I like the Blues and Orange Tones.

It looks great as a print.

Also find it on Instagram

Alone this Christmas

Keep Well and keep safe this festive season. Keep in touch with Friends and family even though you cant be together. Remember sacrificing this time together can save their health and their future. Enjoy the day and look forward to next time you can see them. x

Christmas Trees

Christmas Card 2020

Christmas Cards are always hard to define as Christmas means so much to so many people. This years I'm returning to a well used theme of "Trees". It's a great time to photograph bare trees at the moment but finding them against the sky isn't always easy. One of my other recurring elements is a circle in a square format. All tried and tested elements.

I had a background I wanted use and my trees but tried various ways of mixing them together. In the end I decided to go for the more simple approach instead of trying to reinvent the wheel.

I hope you all have a great Festive Season, keep safe & well.

Star Gazer

I started collecting this set of dragons, many years ago. I have other dragons but these are my favourite ones. Even though they’re always on display I’ve never photographed them before. It could possibly a new series. Mixing myth and magic.

Archive Update

During Lockdown 2 my Archiving has continued and will for many weeks to come. It’s slow process as I’d not realised that I’d made so many images.

In 2013 I had a project with a friend to create an image s day, I’ve skipped that year and will return after the New Year, I think I need a cold, wet, dull day to start tackling that one.

Each image I add to the Archive brings back a memory, some about taking of the image and some memories of judges and peoples comments about the prints during talks and judging. The three new images are all ones that have one well in exhibition but also have a special place in my photographic timeline.

Three new images on the Archive Page.

Each page has a link to the next new mage at the bottom of the page.The Archive will be regally up dated as it shows images and stories that haven’t been seen in a while. Do you have any memories from the images, let me know on the Contact Page or Comment below.Looking forward to hearing from you. Don’t forget to like my facebook page if you used the link from there, it just helps me know posting on Facebook about updates works. Thanks for looking.

SRGB Group

November's Winner


The SRGB Group are keeping in touch through our webpage and posting on Our Members Critique Group. We Take it n turns to choose image of the lunch and two runners up The Critique is anon subjected in November we added a theme.

I’m pleased to say that Fae Chilling was chosen as Novembers Winner.  It’s always very special when a team member  picks and award in the group.The Theme Award and Runners up are on our Facebook Page. 

Image information

The original is taken with my iPhone. She usually ends up sat with me or near me. Fae was actually having a wash, I called her name and took four shots. this was the best of the set.  I like the way her tail flips up to take you back to her face and the eye contact. 

Processed in Photoshop, I added a couple of textures to cover up the blanket and the chair and a little dodging & burning to highlight areas and her eyes are slightly saturated. It has 32 layers in 5 groups. 

I’ve printed it on Hahnemühle Hemp, part of the Eco Friendly Naturals Range to add the final magic. 

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