Tulip Swirl

Flowers 2003

This one was created nearly twenty years ago! Using a very early Photoshop.  I learn visually, so I simple press buttons to find out what they do. This way you don’t get stuck in other peoples styles. I explored and pushed each tool, filter and menu item, to see what it would do. As with life, you learn by your mistakes. 

In comparison to today’s work, it’s very simple.  There are only seven layers, one using a PS Filter, yes, used to use photoshop filters, there are a few that are worth trying and no added textures. I was home printing on a HP Printer with semi gloss player. 

It was entered into a Southport Photographic Society Competition before creative images were accepted but got a reasonable response from the judge. There were some judges that understood, one day it would be Photoshop Images common place.  Thank you to that judge for always supporting creativity,

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