Trees and Moons. 2017

Trees are of those things you photograph without really thinking about it, a walk in the park or down the street, there are trees everywhere. I have a fascination about trees, their shapes and constant change through the seasons from the growth of new buds and falling of leaves to fruit. I love to think about magical stories and folklore that accompanies these beautiful towers of nature. Some of the trees are removed from the original backgrounds and other tree iPhone images are often made onto brushes, these are used in various ways, backgrounds, textures and branches can represent so many different the in the images.

There are several in the set of work, I've included four here. The first two, Spring Tree and Autumn Tree have included the circle in several ways, for the backgrounds and the moons.

The second set, Light of the Moon and Moonlight are focused more on the mystical & magical stories. I prefer to use the trees shapes that are created in the winter, the Skelton shapes and twisted branches have a magical feel all of their own.  I remember as a child I watched a program called .The Lightening Tree.  We all have memories around trees, siting under them for picnics, climbing them and falling out into a bed of nettles and I still have the scar.

Nature is so important to us and trees have a special place without them we’d be lost to the world. I hope you can weave your own personal stories around the image.  

All Right Reserved Dianne Owen FRPS 2021