The Dog Walker

Anglesey - 2007

We used to have a Caravan on Anglesey, North Wales as you drove across the bridge the world fell away and the calm settled. It was our getaway at the weekend or holidays and during the summer, you had light night and long walks. We'd had a day out exploring the island near Beaumaris. Enjoying the beautiful views over the Menai Strait, the tidal waterway separating Anglesey from the coast of North Wales.

Heading back from the days adventures, I spotted a stand of trees on the left, just off the road. We stopped to take some shots, with the beautiful evening light falling behind them. These are the base for the image.

I final found the psd of the image, originally worked in landscape, having 23 layers in three groups, no and no textures. Th final image was called Misty Trees, later I added the dog walker to give it somewhere to rest your eye. The image works well in toned Mono and Colour. I've added the image as it's a Favourite. It's done well in both colour and mono cropped into a square as a final print.

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