The Battle

The Battle

Cloud Shapes - 2009

We are lucky enough to live near the beach, summer nights walking the dog and enjoying the sand between your toes and the warmth the summers night bring. The sun starts to set and the beautiful Turner like skies appear, the rainbow colours constantly changing. Occasionally the sun shows behind the clouds. This is the time to take the images.  I was wandering through my images and spotted this dragon. I often see shapes and creatures in clouds, do you?

In September, each year Southport have an Airshow. if we go into the dunes nearby you can get shots of the aircraft heading into or out of Woodvale Airfield, just takes a bit of research to work out what will be flying over and when. The Red Arrows come in from the Blackpool Area so sadly don’t see those. On one occasion, we sat on the top of a dune waiting for the next plane to fly home, the Lancaster turned from the sea and flew towards us, to our surprise, it dipped just in front of us before continuing to the airfield. 

The mix of Helicopters and Dragon Cloud and a little tweaking made a fun shot. Looking back, I realise the lighting need shorting a little but really enjoyed making the story it just worked. No textures just a story told. 

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