The Squirrel


Visiting the Red Squirrels is always been a day out at Formby National Trust Property for many years, as it's local. There is a sense of space and tranquility while walking through the trees and seeing nature unfold. We took our children there from being small to tall and I've been on several school trip there too. Finding Red Squirrels isn't as obvious as it seems as they're wild ( Squirrel Walk ) but do like nuts. More recently, there are fewer due to the horrible virus carried by the Grey Squirrels, which are not native to the country.

This squirrel was another story. There was no wait for the it to turn up or the obvious question 'Is this the right spot?' It came to visit while we had our picnic at Chester Zoo. A place it had visited many times before wanting scraps.We didn't expect to see a Red Squirrel living wild in the zoo but when you think about it it's an obvious place, lots of treats and food.

Creating was not too difficult. It didn’t work with giraffes in the background so I had to create something in the background that added a more natural environment. I was thinking about the environment you see at Freshfield and how they live there. I was looking for a more woodland background. Two texture, additional images and flipped the images horizontally.  A total of only 13 layers. Printed on a Textured paper for the final touch.

Work to protect the Red Squirrel in the UK 

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