Rainy Days

Manchester Pride - 2012

We were looking forward to the day, advertised as a celebration with music, comedy, dancing, theatre and above all fun.  The festival runs over the weekend and the parade is on Saturday at 1.00pm. Expecting to see more than 100 floats making their way through the city’s streets with a carnival of colour. This years theme is celebrating 100th anniversary of codebreaker Alan Turing who cracked  the Enigma Code at Bletchley Park.

Manchester isn’t that far away but somewhere we rarely go to take photos. With festival map in hand we have to think how to get there train or car?  Thoughts of carparks and traffic jams while on the journey  home, we made the decision to get an early train, which was very busy.  So we waited for the next one, which was no better.  I managed to get a seat next to a student who chatted all the way to Manchester.  

We were early, so looked for a cafe for coffee, we managed to get a window table. That’s when the magic happened, a hot summers day and there was a shower of rain. I snapped some shots to pass the time and it was something different. Not really thinking any more of it.  The rest of the day was a warm sunny and we found a spot on the route. Again, waiting time, snapping the waiting crowd (another story another day). The parade was colourful, fun and it was great to meet people. 

Processing time, I was playing around with one of the shots from the cafe and cut part of it on the wrong layer but a happy accident made something I liked and I kept it in. Repeating the error across the set of work. I love happy accidents. I chose the sandstone building along the route of the parade for the background. Really, it’s just playing with colours, shapes and textures. I really enjoyed making this set of work. There’s also a Triptych created from the set.

The images have been use in National and Intentional Exhibitions, winning awards and acceptances. 

All Right Reserved Dianne Owen FRPS 2021