Jan - 2019

A simple garden find while clearing the autumn garden tidy up. I've added a few twigs from the garden just to add something to give it a place.

The egg was purchased from a gift shop in Avebury, Wiltshire. The standing stones and its history are fascinating. One of those places I could visit over and over again. I know the egg looks a little big but I like the idea behind the small nest and the large egg. I'm not sure which bird created the nest but would love to know if anyone can add it in the comments, that would be kind.

The basic image was take on a simple background (in the gallery) and then textures added to add emotion and the abandoned feel. The trees were an after thought really, just needed something to add to the empty space.

The images are always processed in colour and I always do a final mono conversion, it just allows me to know if it works or not. For this image I decided to give the print a slight warm tone.

I'm not greatly concerned about the how or why I make my work but for those who are 26 Layers in 4 Groups and four added textures. Printed on a soft gently textured , eco friendly paper and has a beautiful soft surface to print on. A perfect mix of images and paper.


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