A Sea Mist


It was Sunday, and we usually go out for a drive, a walk and take photos. These were taken on my iPhone.

The usual choice when we don't really have an aim is Liverpool. There's always something to take images of and often events and street activities happening. If it's a rainy day, we can pop in the Walker Gallery or the Tate. We left home and the sun was shining and we were looking forward to a walk around the Docklands.

On the journey, the weather stayed sunny and bright but as we drove down the Dock Road, to our surprise the sea mist arrived. This transformed the industrial Docks and Buildings into a film set. The buildings and roads changed into a timeless scene. Some of the Dock Road Images were taken through the car window, so this added to the old fashioned feel of the images. After, parking, we wandered around the Docklands and how the mists changed the busy bustling location. A photo oppotunity at every turn.

As you know from my webpage, I tend to add textures and an arty feel to my work tome it individual and fun. These needed to be simple and timeless. No additional textures or manipulation just black and white.

Images processed in Photoshop, most have no more than ten layers, just slight Dodging and Burning and mono conversion using Photoshop Black & White options and a little vignette. Twenty images, taken, processed and printed in a few hours. Great surprise to see the mists and created memories and a special set of images.

The Prints look good printed on an arty satin paper.

All Right Reserved Dianne Owen FRPS 2021