Highgate Hotel & More...


A photo day out with Gordon. It was a wet rainy and dull day. We planned to see an Exhibition at The Art Gallery in Kendal. (Parking not far away) To see a David Hockney Exhibition but we were a day early! We decided to explore anyway, photography allowed, always check. No matter what the weather you can always enjoy art. Lunch time and we Called in at the Cafe on site, all new and modern, even had USB charging at the tables. The food was simple but very enjoyable. What Next?

Across the courtyard was the Museum. The admission cost to the Gallery included entrance into the Museum too. Why not? We'd paid for it. A lovely little museum, showing lots of rooms set as historical flashbacks to the history of the town and industry. We also visited the church on the same site.

Although it was raining we decided to walk down the Main Street, this a a narrow street with very heavy traffic and very big trucks hurtling past as you walked. We popped in several shops and I took lots of images of the houses and shops as we walked, each house or shop was different in style and shape with little passages between several, leading to another set of houses.

Downloading the images, it fascinated me even more that they were so different, from cottages to town houses and hotels. I started to plat with a set of three but because they were all different it was difficult to get a good composition. So, cut them up and worked on one at a time. The textures, people and objects that flow though the set are all from the Main Street and taken during our visit.

There are eight in the set but have only used three in competitions, the rest were used in my talk. There are approx 34 layers in the image including a mono version. I chose these to show in my archive as it has received several Awards.

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