Garden Birds

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I do watch the birds most days that venture into the garden. We average round 15 species a day, more during the migration season & spring. It's always a treat to get something new or unusual in the garden.

As most of you know I'm not a bird photographer, you have to try things that are out your comfort zone sometimes. These are a simple set up by the pond, during a really bad winter 2010-2011. The pond froze and the birds had little food, we had unusual visitors that year, Mistle Thrush from the fields and Reed Buntings from the marshes, all hungry and cold.

The Robin, is a daily visitor and brings another for the nesting season. They often have two nests one as a main nest and the other female left to bring the babies up on their own. The Reed Bunting, you see lots of them down in the marshy areas on the beach but never see one in the garden since then. Goldfinch, we have a regular group of eight or more that visit daily mainly for the sunflower hearts in the feeders, a drink and a bath. Long Tailed Tits my favourite bird is the long tailed tits that often visit for the fat, baths and drinks in the pond. We have around six sometimes more.

The orginal background would have been the garden covered in snow or bare branches. The easy answer, was to add textures backgrounds, creating slightly different ones for each image. The style and idea has been copied very successfully many times. I now know to change the stick more often. it makes a great triptych.

I've only come across a flat .psd at the moment when I find the full file I'll post the details of the shots.

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