Fear to Tread

Bath 2007

We had to visit The Royal Photographic Society, then in Bath,  giving us a chance to look around while we were there. The city, with the beautiful Bath Stone architecture that wrapped around the River Avon has so much history.  The Roman Baths were fascinating with lots of atmosphere and room for the imagination to run wild. Street artists and performers with fascinating acts, human sculptures to fire breathers and jugglers, to enjoy and wonder at.

Bath Abbey, was our final call, once a Benedictine monastery, a religious site since the 7th Century. It has been rebuilt over the centuries including major restoration work in the Gothic Style, carried out by Sir George Gilbert Scott, in the 1860s, to create the final building you see today. There are 635 memorials on the Abbey’s walls. Most commemorate people from the 1700s and 1800s.

One of the memorials that stood out in the abbey was one dedicated to William Bingham, It consisted of two beautifully carved angels either side of the memorial inscription. This took my eye, the beautiful wings and carved features.  My image is only a very tiny part of one of the angels, it’s feet and the beautiful delicacy of the toes and the cloth draped behind them.

It was worked an early version of Photoshop and was originally created in portrait version, later to be cropped to my more favoured shape of a square. Fear to Tread, has 21 layer which includes a toned mono version. This image was part of my ARPS Panel achieved in March 2008.  

This was the early days of textures in photography and was often looked down on as not proper photography, marked accordingly in Competitions and Exhibitions.  Featured in my APRS Panel. 


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