Fairy Wishes


This set of work was created after seeing visiting Threntham Gardens with Jane Lines, a girls day out, good food, art and great company. What more can you ask for?

The Fairy Sculptures are scattered around the estate, there's a ap to follow and see if you can find them. We managed to get most of them.The fairy images are inspired by the fairies, painstakingly created from galvanised and stainless steel wire, by local artist Robin Wight and his daughter Amy Wight who created the new giant dandelions.

We found some of them very difficult to photograph as they're in various hidden locations, which I realise is the point. Some are in water and others hanging from wires so duller weather conditions are better for those.

The easiest on his the largest one on a plinth, this was the I used in the Fairy Wishes (Back Image) The sunset was form our beach down the road. Cutting these out wasn't easy as there was no instant cut out in Photoshop then. This did well in Competitions & Exhibitions, gaining me several awards.

The next one was World of Wishes, once you do the first one the rest come easier as it's creating a set of work round the first. There are seven in the set altogether, created over a couple of sessions with an average of 32 layers.

After another event visit there are now many more sculptures to explore as you wander round the gardens. It's well worth a visit.


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