Border Collie


I love photographing animals and have several dog images in my collection. Many of them taken at Dog Shows.

This beauty is my best friend. Pets are always around the house, you love them, you walk them and sometimes you just have to to photograph them usually with my iPhone. Simple and easy and often more at hand than your camera. This is Merlyn, we got him from a farm in North Wales as a very tiny puppy. Six years on, he's one of the biggest border collies I've ever seen but a gentle giant.

He's pretty good at having his photo taken, as long as there's a bribe attached to it, usually a dog biscuit. I often talk to him before I take the images, just to get his attention, so you see it in the final image. This was one of six.

I find that dogs respond better when I'm using my iPhone. Using a DSLR to photograph animals they can't see you and there's something between you and the dog. Using a phone stops you covering your face. It concusses them seeing a camera instead. A couple of textures blended with the original portrait of the dog then several finishing touch layers, seventeen layers in total.

To remove the distractions in the background I've used my standard techniques of a square format and textures.It works in a mono but I like the warmth of the colour tones. It's done well in competitions and and received a couple of ribbons. A great addition to the entry if the judges like dogs.

My Daughters Dogs

Nix & Luna
Pheonix 2018
The Princess 2019.

She loved her photo taken and was happy loving dog. Phoenix was a beautiful old lady and lived past her years. It was a sad day when she was no longer in our family.

Luna, a Springer Spaniel certainly lives up her name, never still and always alert and looking at the world around her. It’s not often you get a shot of her without a toy or teddy with her. 

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