Flower Fun - 2009

Another image that was created on Anglesey in our caravan. It was a great place to escape, work and the world.  The window faced a tree and the sheep in the meadow beyond. Sitting there was special place in my memory, watching the birds visiting the feeders and the farm beyond.

 One rainy afternoon in August, I was playing around with images and found some tulip pictures I’d taken at home.  The background was field I took a little way down from the caravan.  It was part of the exploration on Photoshop, press buttons see what happens. I was very focussed on the abstract nature of pushing the boundaries to see how far each tool could produce. Sometimes these things just come together by accident, I created two in the set. The other a white flower with a blue background.

It was well received in the world of Exhibitions and won many awards. I think we look too far into things and don’t appreciate the images as much as we should the world of club photography has become about winning and workshops. We look for perfection in an image but so many people step over the boundaries of the rules, simply to achieve a point or an award, no longer to enjoy the press of a button. It’s one of my more abstract favourites and Blowing was a feature image on the front of the Smethwick International Catalogue after winning an award. 


It’s fun to play, no matter where you are…


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