Arty Tulips


A Bit of Fun with Flowers - Processed in Photoshop - Seven Groups including 56 layers.

Sometimes it's just fun to play and simply enjoy yourself. The original image, taken with my camera, was of Red and Purple Tulips, in close up.

There was a variety of images created from this simple image. A Bee and an Alien both of which I didn't really like. My rule when something doesn't work is simply to bin it and start again. This one I liked for the colour mix and the simple shapes of flowers. The background is very important and should reflect the focus image and bring it forward for the viewer.

I created many of this type of image at the time. It's a great great a way to get out of the groove of club photography and move into something that's more original and more fun.

After doing this one I think I need to get back to doing more of them.

I've included a couple of snap shots from he main image so you can see the detail.

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