Knowsley Safari Park - 2011

We often say You have to go out to take pictures which in many cases is very true. Knowsley Safari Park, isn't actually that far away and not somewhere we visit very often. The area was home to a former RAF airfield which closed at the end of World War 2. The Park has been created on the grounds of Knowsley Hall, ancestral home of Lord Derby, the Safari Park Opened in July 1971. There are an amazingly over seven hundred animals. We'd planned a visit this summer, alas not to be. The Safari drive is interesting and exciting, to see the animals in a natural environment.

During our visit there I took so many animal shots but this one is one of the few I decided to process. There's something about Meerkats that you simply have to take, their character, the way the always look after each other and the make you smile.

The portrait orientation adds height and space to the meerkats pose. This image was created by using a mix of textures which removes the original background and creates something more interesting, natural and pleasing to the eye. There's a total of 33 layer in all. I've created several more Meerkat images since then, mainly taken at Chester Zoo.

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