Why Don't You Back your Prints?

Thoughts- backing prints
Thoughts- backing prints

A question I get asked at most clubs.

My images are only created for printing. During the talk I pass prints round for them to be seen close up. This allows the club members to see the details of the print and the use of various Papers to add the final touch to a print.

The prints for my talks are not backed and there are good reasons for this 

  1. it’s not environmentally friendly to waste good mounts and backing cardboard. 
  2. the weight and additional boxes to carry the prints.
  3. the waste & expense  created by backing prints. It doesn’t encourage photographer to print.
  4. Storage of backed prints after compititions and exhibitions.
  5. The ability to reuse mounts as I produce new work to be added to the talk.
  6. The mounts occasionally get damage while being passed round so I often use the recycled mounts on my talk prints.

I find sticking my prints on with framers tape makes is easy to remove at a later date but doesn’t come off while they’re in being handled.

The prints talks don’t have be inline with Federation or PAGB rules as it’s a personal talk designed for camera clubs, the mounts are 50 x 40cm to fit club light boxes.

It’s a personal choice how speakers do there presentation not to be confused with Competitions Rules in Federations and clubs. Many print worker do the same. 

The L&CPU now allow unmounted prints in their competitions if you use framers tape.

Paper Spectrum, they will cut to size or you can buy off the shelf mounts. 

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